The Jordanian Dairy Company Ltd (AL-Maha)


The Jordanian Dairy Company Ltd (AL-Maha)

Established In : 1968

Location: Amman-Jordan

Cows: 3500+

under the brand of Al-Maha: 2020


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Brief About The Jordanian Dairy Company Ltd (AL-Maha)

The Company was founded in 1968 and is based in the Ruseifeh area- Zarqa Governorate. The Company owns two factories. The first produces all kinds of pasteurized milk & dairies, “labaneh”, yoghurt, white & yellow cheeses in addition to “jamid” and “shanina”.


The Company manufactures all its products within a modern industrial building that complies with the professional and EHS standards related to food production. It includes sophisticated automated packaging machinery dedicated to manufacturing food products and conformed to recognize specifications.


The technical cadres are highly experienced and qualified. The Company distributes daily its products to the local market through a fleet of modern vehicles and a sales team that strives to meet the need of the local market of fresh& hygienic dairy products and derivatives.


As for the second factory, it is specialized in producing plastic containers necessary for packaging the daily products and their derivatives. In fact all the containers are produced from granular polystyrene (virgin) using highly efficient machinery with suitable productive capacities. The factory aims to provide the dairies with its needs such as plastic containers and to sell them to a number of customers in the local market.


Because most of the production of the company relies on utilizing fresh milk and in order to guarantee the high quality of the company products, the company has founded a subsidiary Company Al-Maha for Livestock & Agricultural Investment.


The company has established a cow farm that is endowed with buildings and necessary equipment in terms of a modern automated feeder along with a herd of cows, around 3500 cow, both big and small of the Holstein Friesian strain.


It is a strain characterized by high specifications in the production of raw milk. The mentioned subsidiary company produces all the needs of the parent company insofar as raw milk and in compliance with international high standards.


For the purposes of developing the Company’s products and opening additional marketing channels, the Company established a new factory for the purpose filling healthy water in accordance with the international standard specifications. This factory which is unique in filling all bottles of different sizes is scheduled to operate at the beginning of 2020 under the brand of Al Maha.