The AAU Arena The Sport & Cultural Complex


The AAU Arena The Sport & Cultural Complex

Established In : Al Ahliyya Amman University (AAU)

Location: Amman-Jordan

Theater Capacity: 1500+

Swimming Pool Capacity: 25 meters


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Brief About The AAU Arena The Sport & Cultural Complex

The Arena is a unique monument built on the university premises and serves the community in all cultural, sports and recreational fields.


This monument includes all facilities of interest to a subscriber who is engaged in any sport activity, or watches sports, artistic and cultural events, or just to enjoy a quiet and entertaining vacation. It also includes cultural facilities, such as lecture halls, a training theater for performing and musical arts and a photography section containing a laboratory for processing and printing films. Moreover, the recreational facilities which overlook the stunning verdant mountains of Al-Balqa enable viewers to relish a calm and comfortable atmosphere.


The Arena facilities embrace a Multi-Purpose Theater which accommodates more than five thousand people. It has an area of four thousand square meters equipped with the most modern air-conditioning and central heating system. The theater includes a huge LED display screen and movable theaters with a distance control system, which endows it with extreme flexibility insofar as utilization according to need, such as a sport multi-purpose playground;
basketball, handball, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, gymnastic, squash, taekwondo and aerobics. The Arena also includes a hall for national, international and conference expos & a hall for showing theatrical and musical exhibitions and festivals equipped with the latest equipment and lighting techniques, sound and television filming, and a hall to hold all kinds of competitions.


Moreover, the Complex has indoor restaurants and cafeterias distributed across the internal facilities which serve healthy and delectable meals and a swimming pool which includes an olympic swimming pool for training and match purposes. This swimming pool is endowed with the most up to
date sanitization and filtration equipment through the ozone method. It also includes a hall for setting up all kinds of matches that can accommodate 1500 viewers, and has a children’s pool that offers swimming teaching courses for all ages.


The swimming pool is also equipped with the most up to date equipment for holding Olympic competitions. It has a length of 25 meters long and a width of six tracks and has four propellers for competition and entertainment. Furthermore, the complex offers the latest technology in the field of fitness, including advanced devices and fitness classes under the supervision of specialized trainers. As for the water area, it includes the latest methods for pumping and filtering water in the Jacuzzi and cold bathtub. This is in addition to sauna and steam rooms for relaxation and energizing the body using the most up to date methods of massage performed by specialists.


In the Complex, there is a modern bowling center which includes six bowling lanes supplied with all necessary equipment with seats for participants and spectators. It was also equipped with the latest computer system to score points and to correct the mistakes of the trainees through video cameras to track the ball path. The latest revolution in the world of bowling was represented in introducing the principle of incandescent bowling which gives the spirit of adventure to the games and concerts of young contestants and participants.