AL-Jami’a Schools Group (JSS)


AL-Jami’a Schools Group (JSS):

Established In : 1979

Location: Various Locations (Amman-Jordan)

Number of Schools: 3

Students: 5000+


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Brief About AL-Jami’a Schools Group (JSS)


Al-Jami’a schools Group strives to be at the forefront of Jordanian schools as a pioneering edifice in providing high-quality educational services.



JSS aims to prepare a distinct and self-confident generation that belongs to its homeland and nation and is committed to the principles and values of its society. This can be achieved by providing and preparing qualified and trained teaching & administrative cadres and by creating an effective school environment that keeps pace with the developments and the spirit of the era.


Our Policy Towards Quality:

JSS undertakes to apply local, Arab and international quality assurance standards by investing energies, recruiting distinguished competencies and adopting the teamwork within the institution and by employing the latest curricula and techniques to achieve continuous development and improvement. This is performed with the aim of preparing a creative generation that is intellectually, scientifically and morally distinguished and that belongs to its homeland, interacts with its society, capable of participating in building its present and making its future as well.


The Formation and Development of AL-Jami’a Schools Group (JSS):

JSS comprises three branches in different locations in the capital, Amman. These schools are Al-Jami’a First Schools which is located at Al-Jubeiha, Al Jami’a Second Schools which is located at Tabarbour and Al-Jami’a Third Schools which is located at Tila’ Al Ali.

Al-Jami’a First Schools which were founded in 1979 by some elite educators spanned from kindergarten through the secondary stage. For the purpose of keeping pace with the development of the educational process, the International Program was initiated in 2015. Thus, the schools included the following: departments: the Girls Secondary Stage, the Boys Secondary Stage, the Elementary Stage, the Kindergarten Stage and the International Program. The total number of students enrolled in the Schools reached 2247 students at the beginning of the academic year 2062) 2020/2019 male and female students enrolled in the national program and 185 male and female students enrolled in the international program (CP).

The JSS gradually expanded and established the second branch under the name of Al-Jami’a Second Schools in 1984. The school includes Kindergarten Stage and other grades that span from the first elementary grade to the second secondary Stage. The student’s total number at the beginning of the academic year 2020/2019 reached 1008 male and female students.

The third branch of JSS which has the name of Al-Jami’a Third schools was established in 1986. This school comprises the following departments: Kindergarten Stage and the Elementary Stage which spans from the first to sixth grades with a total number that reached at the beginning of the academic year 2020-2019 255 male and female students. It is worthy to note that JSS seeks to provide resources and facilities that support the educational process in all its branches and departments, including facilities and services. Therefore, it provides science and computer laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to link theory with practice in the educational process. As part of its interest in the creative aspect, the schools provided a theater, an arts room and a music room, in addition to wide areas including equipped playgrounds. To maintain the physical health and safety of students, the schools provides a specialized medical and nursing staff. The school also provides students with educational and psychological counseling services practiced by counselors and educational specialists. The JSS also in its efforts to improve and develop its schools in all aspects has obtained the Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001 :2015 issued by LIoyds Register World Company. Recently the JSS received the Certification of Academic Accreditation issued by the Arab Organization for Education Quality Assurance.